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How old is the mask for children? How to put it on?

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How old is the mask for children? How to put it on?
Latest company news about How old is the mask for children? How to put it on?

At present, normal masks for children are divided into three categories, including children's style, that is, 1 to 3 years old; Middle age, 4 to 8 years old; Big kids, 9 to 13 years old. Parents can choose suitable products according to their baby's age, so as to ensure that the mask they buy fits their baby's face and plays an anti-virus role. At the same time, it can be seen from the difference of mask size that not all babies are suitable to wear masks. Obviously, it is not recommended to wear masks for babies under one year old. For infants, they cannot freely express their thoughts. If they feel uncomfortable wearing masks, parents will not be able to detect them easily, which may lead to adverse consequences.


So parents still need to be very careful when it comes to putting masks on their babies. At the same time, buying a mask for your baby is also exquisite. First of all, to buy in formal channels to ensure the quality of the mask, second, parents need to choose cotton multi-layer masks, so as to effectively protect the baby.


How do children wear masks


1. Do not take off a mask at school, and do not touch your eyes or nose with your hands.


Two, wash hands in a timely manner, after going to the bathroom to wash hands, eat to wash hands carefully, hands dirty also want to wash hands carefully, according to the seven-step method to wash hands. Parents must teach their children more at home.


Third, when taking off the mask, be sure to take off the rope of the mask with your hand, and do not touch the outside of the mask. After taking off the inside should be folded relatively well, put in a clean place. If the mask is dirty, be sure to ask the teacher to change it in time.

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