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What is the surgical coat made of

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What is the surgical coat made of
Latest company news about What is the surgical coat made of

As a necessary protective clothing in the process of surgery, operating clothes are used to reduce the risk of medical staff coming into contact with pathogenic microorganisms, and reduce the risk of the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms between medical staff and patients, which is a safety barrier in the sterile area in the surgical operation. The surgical garment belongs to the medical shielding fabric, which mainly focuses on the barrier property. Barrier properties include the ability to prevent penetration of liquids and microorganisms.


What is the material used in the medical operating suit?


The material of the operating coat is very important. A good medical operating coat needs the matching material to ensure the smooth operation process. At present, there are about two kinds of common cloth for the medical operating coat.


One is waterproof, which can prevent liquid leakage. It can be used in the front and abdomen of the surgical garment to better protect the doctor during the operation and prevent blood and other pollutants from contacting the doctor's skin. In addition, this material also has anti-static function, conductive yarn woven into the fabric can ** * prevent static electricity. It can be washed with high temperature, and it also has the function of disinfection. Even multiple washing will not affect the performance of the operating garment.


Second, it is an operating garment with hygroscopic, breathable and quick-drying features. The inner surface of the fabric can be quickly conveyed to the outer surface and quickly distributed after the skin is hygroscopic and heat-absorbing, so it can be kept dry and comfortable for a long time. In addition, this kind of fabric also has the function of anti-static, can be disinfected with high temperature water. It is resistant to microorganisms. The dense fabric structure and special treatment can effectively block microbial penetration and better protect doctors.


Generally speaking, no matter what kind of cloth is used, it is mainly for the purpose of protecting the doctor. So as long as the cloth is good, the suitable one can be used for the medical surgical garment.


Does a doctor wear clothes under his operating coat?


They will wear their own clothes under the surgical clothes, but they will wear professional sterilized surgical clothes and shoe covers outside to ensure that the operation is carried out in a completely sterile environment. They will also ensure that they will not get blood during the operation to avoid cross infection.

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